Who is Jenn Joanna?

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Getting to know the person behind the posts is important. It helps you better relate to the individual and better understand their purpose behind each post. All in all, I'm just a girl who loves all things glam!

I am Virginia Born & Raised

I grew up in Virginia, better known as the wine country of the east now. In a little town surrounded by mountains about a 2-hour drive from any major metro area/city. So, technically I am a small-town southern girl at heart, however, after watching movies like Clueless and Romy & Michelle’s High School reunion I had dreams of becoming something else and living a fabulous life as far away from rural America as possible. 

The beach is my soulmate. 

I lived on the beach in Saint Petersburg, Florida for 8 years until I made my way to the city of Atlanta, Georgia. There is something about the ocean that speaks to my soul and one day I will make my way back to that lifestyle. Until then, you will see me frequently getting my tropical fix traveling to any and every beach possible! 

I have had a love affair for beauty & fashion since I was a child. 

My childhood was full of creativity when it comes to hair, makeup, and fashion.  In fact, my earliest memories are getting dolled up in fashionable outfits my grandmother had hand-sewn my sister and I. I eventually realized I could give my barbie dolls full makeovers with craft scissors and markers until my friends finally agreed to be test subjects. I have always found a way to express myself creatively and to today that is how I embrace life.

I’m a licensed Cosmetologist. 

Not only do I have a passion for beauty, but I am also licensed to create. I have 16 years of experience in the Beauty Industry as an Artist, Educator, and Brand Development Manager. I have had the opportunity to work for successful brands such as Moroccanoil, Goldwell, KMS California, Lanza, and Dyson. In addition to having my work featured on the runways of New York Fashion Week. I am proud to be licensed to create in an industry that represents timeless beauty, creativity, and inspiration. 

I always knew eating animals wasn’t humane.

I adopted a plant-based diet when I was 20 years old. I always found myself being extremely picky when it came to food, especially meat. After getting into fitness and nutrition in my late teens, I started reading and doing research on how to maximize my health; weight management, preventing premature aging and disease. The studies and facts I came across were intriguing and to this day I never stop learning about the benefits of being plant-based. Living a compassionate lifestyle is the only way to be!

Why Start A Blog? 

I have always been frequently asked about my lifestyle and beauty routine from my friends and family, so I set a goal for myself for 2019 to launch a blog and share my life with you!